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Seven Leadership Principles, Our Hero Greta, and Student Council Politics

This week on Questionable Pastors, Megan and Dave share seven leadership principles they see in the story of Joseph’s rise to power in Genesis, their new hero Greta, and the messy world of student council politics. (40 min)

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Noah, the Flood, SCIENCE, & Nursery Decor

In this second episode of Questionable Pastors, Megan and Dave talk about construction projects promised but never delivered, the story of Noah and the Flood, how we read it knowing there wasn’t a worldwide flood (and how we know that there wasn’t) and how Christians should decorate their babies nurseries.

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Genesis, Dinosaurs, & Patriarchy

This is the first episode of Questionable Pastors! Listen to Megan and Dave start at the beginning and answer questions about what the book of Genesis is, how we are supposed to believe it, and what to do with all of our questions.

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